Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

Service members from new recruits to career retired of all ranks and branches are eligible. Even if you have credit challenges, we can find you companies that will provide you with manageable payments on the money you need. And if you have good credit, you may be eligible for special low interest rates. Department of Defense employees (GS6 or above) are also eligible.If you are applying for our product financing, when your application is approved you can set up your allotment with MyPay. For more information about MyPay click here


Do I Qualify For a Military Loan?

  • Available to all military ranks and grades
  • 20 year Career Retired Federal GS Employee
  • You must provide your most recent LES.

What is the 15-Day Guarantee?

Your military personal loan is backed by a 15-day, no-risk, no-cost satisfaction guarantee. If you find a better loan, or you change your mind for any reason, you may cancel your loan with no obligation and no cost to you. Simply return the funds in full within 15 days of signing for your loan and your account will be closed.


Do I need good credit to apply?

Credit history is only one of the criteria used to evaluate each loan request. Lenders look at more than your credit score; Military Scoring Models recognize the frequent moves, deployments, and financial situations service members face. This creates a better way to judge a military customer’s credit risk and price the military loans fairly and accurately.


Can I get a loan to consolidate all my bills?

After you complete the online application, submit a copy of your current end-of-month LES (all pages), and a list of the bills you want to pay off, making sure to include each creditor’s name and your current balance. Your lender will be glad to review your request and see if we can be of assistance.